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A STEP UP, INC., provides two and half day professional development Symposiums (A STEP UP, NEXT LEVEL and HEAD COACHES EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY) designed to help coaches discover new coaching insights and develop strategies, techniques and tactics to help them reach their full coaching potential.  The aim of the Symposiums is to help coaches understand what it takes to build a championship program and enhance their contributions to their team, community and the profession.  Coaches are also given the opportunity to network with Athletic Administrators and some of the best coaches in the business from across the nation at all levels of the game.



  1. The Corporation is organized for the purpose of which, as set forth in the articles of Incorporation, are exclusively charitable, and educational within the meaning of section 501 (c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. The mission for which the Corporation organized is to operate a nonprofit organization which focuses on research based education programs and training for the coaches and professional to educate, empower and teach.
  3. To collaborate with local colleges/universities to help identify female and male students athletes, sports management students who will work as interns and/or volunteers to gain professional development, administrative, marketing, event planning and hands on technical experiences in preparation for and during the A STEP UP Symposium.
  4. Provide educational and professional training to assist coaches with the most effective methods to employability skills to seek, obtain and or maintain employment, prepare for the job interview and provide mock interview sessions.

The UPLIFT Scholarship Fund

The UPLIFT scholarship will pay for participant handbooks and supplies, meals, and two and half days of research based educational professional development training with some of the best assistant coaches, head coaches and Athletic Directors and search firms. The experience will give scholarship recipients an opportunity to network with
over 200 coaches from across the nation.                                                                                      

Christian based fellowship and activities.

The Christian spiritual development programs are designed to create an opportunity for all participants to meet in a based faith environment, share  their testimony’s, the stories of their faith walk and relationship with God, and fellowship other believers.
Developmental needs of Christians of all faiths.

We also create an opportunity for marketing and promoting books and of faith based, inspirational and motivational materials to organizations that qualify as exempt under sections 501(c) (3) and 170(c)(2) of the Internal revenue code of 1986 to carry out any of the purposes of the Corporation and the Bylaws, including the
exercise of all other power and authority enjoyed by corporations generally
by virtue of the provisions of the Nonprofit code (subject to and within the limitations of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code).

Board of Directors

Authority & Responsibility:

The governing body of A STEP UP will be the Board of Directors. The Board will
comprise individual professionals working in the following sports related
industries: amateur, college, and professional athletics, professors and
administrators at the college and university level, sports media professionals,
representatives/employees from sports branded companies, non-profits, and
those who influence hiring decisions for all sports related organizations,
foundations and events, etc.