“I BELIEVE in what you are doing for our profession. Not only did I walk away with great insight, contacts and a road map for "coaching greatness", I also feel much more motivated to use my talents and position to help grow women's basketball by mentoring others and increasing awareness to the general public of what our sport is all about. I promise you that I will always choose A Step Up.  You've got me hooked for life- hope you can deal with that ;)”

- Chris Passmore

“I didn’t realize I was lacking a little fire in my heart, but it was definitely rekindled last year after the symposium weekend.”

  Maren Walseth

“I would like to thank you for allow me to be a part of the best personal development event that I have ever been involved in. The information was great but the quality of people that I had a chance to be around was even better. I want to be a part of whatever you do for either men or women. You all have put wind in my sails. I am even more excited about what the future holds for me than ever before”

Jerome Tang

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work and time that you put in to hosting a fantastic event. It was a great learning environment and was great to connect with new coaches. It was great to talk about more than just X and O’s. I am most definitely going to make the Symposium an annual event.” 

— Karen Blair

“I really wanted to let you all know how much (A Step Up) Dallas has impacted not just my career, but my life. Since returning, I have been speaking with others who attended A Step Up-Dallas, about how it has affected them. What really touches me about what you all are doing is the spirit of guidance and beneficence that you all operate in. In essence, YOU ARE COACHING COACHES!!!!!”

— Kyle Adams

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