“For one weekend, we are all on the same team exchanging ideas and practices to make each other better.”

A STEP UP, INC. MISSION:  To elevate the performance of coaches, increase their opportunities for advancement and professional development by training, inspiring and connecting them in a professional environment. 


For Assistants with 6 years or less of College Coaching Experience

Become an asset to your head coach, pick up new drills, learn how to strengthen relationships across campus, become more relatable to recruits and gain new insight on how to motivate your most valuable assets on your team - your current student athletes.

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For Assistants 7+ years of College Coaching Experience

Designed for assistant coaches with seven (7) years or more of ‘college’ basketball assistant coaching experience who are preparing for the NEXT STEP in their coaching careers – the role of Head Coach.


For Current and Former
College Head Coaches

Our HCELA explores new management and leadership trends, best practices on developing talent and empowering people, inspiring collaboration and teamwork, mastering the art of fund development and ideas regarding how to leverage relationships for better results.